BeLikeArkad is a website all about teaching young adults on smart money strategies. I break down the general strategies that I was taught, into even simpler lessons that include example stories and lots of additional resources. My goal is for you to live a happy and wealthy life, and to start the process towards that life right away.

I learned all these fundamental steps in a book called “The Richest Man in Babylon”, written by George S. Clason. I read this book in the beginning of 2015, and it changed my life. I’ve always sought after wisdom on how to start and continue growing wealth, which at that time I had none. This book, and the main character “Arkad”, laid out such simple lessons that it helped me get started right away, and become comfortable and confident in my wealth growing strategies.

Everyone perceives the world around them differently, and my goal is to share my best practices in becoming financially free, as well as going out and speaking with different people of all types of backgrounds, so you can find one that resonates with you, and see how they became financially smarter.